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The government giving the left what they want: More terrible policy
We the People will yet again be forced to pay dearly for the resulting damage.

Big labor’s privileged position
Today, an important hearing gets underway in Washington, D.C. that started with a billboard.

Campaign speech case is regulatory overkill
Occasionally, the Supreme Court considers questions that are answered merely by asking them.

Medal of Honor Roll Call: Michael J. Daly
Continuing boldly far in front of his company, he entered a park, where as his men advanced, a German machinegun opened up on them without warning.

‘Sky Soldier’ to receive Medal of Honor for Afghanistan
The paratrooper first joined the Marines, but was convinced by his Green Beret father, a Vietnam veteran, to join the Army.

‘Electric Strawberry’ officers win 2014 Best Ranger Competition
In the 31st annual Best Ranger Competition, Soldiers competed from all over the Army.

New York gun owners resist registry, thousands refuse to join Cuomo’s gun round-up prep
New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, a 2016 White House hopeful, plays games with gun registry numbers--echoes ObamaCare number games.

Obama Administration delays Keystone XL again
Endangered Democrats put up a few token protests, but it's all just for show.

Media swoons over royal Clinton birth announcement
The press disdains some political dynasties, but deeply loves others.

Oliver North and ‘The Americans’
Liberals freak out after a TV show set in the 80s hires a very knowledgeable consultant for its Iran-Contra plotline.