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2,500 dead in Nepal earthquake as huge aftershock rattles the region

STUDENT MURDER Ex-con arrested in beating death of missing woman

RESCUE ON EVEREST 10 dead, more missing after quake sparks avalanche

'SECRET' TRADE DEAL? Warren hits Obama, says public should know details

CASH ADVANCE? Author: Time to probe mix of public, private Clinton $$

Obama delivers zingers at White House Correspondents' Dinner

Church axes pig wrestling event after critics squeal

Russian hackers obtained Obama's unclassified emails, report says

US troops in Europe request bigger guns amid tensions with Russia over Ukraine

France detains 3 new suspects in thwarted church attack probe

GOP stance on death penalty appears to be shifting

Indonesia gives 72-hour execution notice to drug traffickers, despite international outcry

Philippines urges ASEAN to stop China's land reclamation in South China Sea

Family of US hostage gave Al Qaeda $250G before deadly drone strike, report says

Saudi-led airstrikes hit Yemen rebels in capital, south - VIDEO: The situation in Yemen - VIDEO: Insight on mixed messages over US presence off Yemen coast

Dozens arrested as Freddie Gray protests turn violent in Baltimore - Fans told to stay in Camden Yards amid protests - VIDEO: Cops: Gray wasn't buckled into seatbelt

Holocaust survivors, officials commemorate liberation of concentration camps in Germany - VIDEO: Israel remembers the Holocaust

Second body found in Alabama waters, 5 missing, Coast Guard says

Colo. theater shooting suspect studied brain disorders

STARNES: Bakers face $135,000 fine for refusing to make cake for gay wedding - VIDEO: Starnes: Christian businesses targeted

Pop stars team with Iraqi clergy to condemn ISIS - VIDEO: Iraqis fleeing ISIS violence in Baghdad - Iraq claims progress against ISIS amid bombings

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