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SATAN ANSWERED Nativity scene will counter statehouse satanic display

TODD STARNES High school: Islamic vocab task part of Common Core

BABYSITTER CHARGED After 'false' report, woman charged in boy's killing

CATCHING CUBAN TALENT Could US-Cuba thaw yield ballplayer gems for MLB?

IRS warns cutbacks may cause delays next year

Religious group threatens to sue over tax credit denial for Noah’s Ark-themed park

US court shoots down firearm rule - NY AG to retailers: Stop selling guns that look real - Texas considers allowing open carry of handguns

Minnesota links caramel apples, 2 listeria deaths

Admin stalling release of report on US covert action in Iran over nuke talk concerns

Woman arrested in California crash that left 4 dead

Suspect sketch released in weatherman shooting

Boy survives after having scissors lodged in heart - Group rallies around couple fighting cancer together

Owner's will says dog must be buried with her - Rare mountain lion killed in Kentucky - Owner recovering after gun accident with dog

Panel finds Secret Service leadership lacking

FCC says Redskins name not offensive

James Holmes' parents say son 'not a monster'

One-time prep basketball sensation set off for a new life in Seattle disappears

Indonesia volcano erupts leaving 4 injured

Education Department releases 'framework' for higher-ed rating system

Filipino family wants US Marine in local jail during trial

Israel: Gaza rocket hits country in first strike in months

Pakistan: 77 militants killed after school massacre

Colorado vows to defend pot law against states' challenge

Infant remains found in California storage unit

Small pickup a ton of fun?

Would Godfather be censored?

Jana did WHAT before fame?

Cosby drugged me for 2 days

Mirror makes you disappear

Decorations that kill

Can Dr. Oz be trusted?

Are Pizza Hut's new pies good?

Sony hackers' new threats

Sadie chops off long locks

Upton scary sans makeup

2014's top smartphones

NASA finds alien planet

Trump slams 'no guts' Sony