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FIGHTING WORDS: Scaramucci uses vulgar language to bash Priebus, make fun of Bannon in interview

DEADLY DISPUTE FBI: Husband killed wife on cruise for mocking him

BANNED FROM CLASS Teacher, 28, allegedly had sex with student on plane

HUGE PENTAGON SLIP-UP Agency almost gave fake cops $1M in guns, bombs

UNMASKING REVELATION Obama official made '100s' of requests, Nunes says

BREAKING NEWS: Indiana police officer killed after being shot multiple times

Hundreds give tearful farewell to heroic war dog - Texas officer celebrates 1st birthday of toddler he helped deliver

TODD STARNES: A Walmart cashier, a foster mom and the voice of God

Dolphins ex-cheerleader, lawyer getting divorced -- and Trump's a factor

Shark bite sends woman snorkeling in Bahamas to hospital

One-armed machete-wielding man arrested by Maine State Police

Firm behind anti-Trump dossier also worked for Russia, Senate witness says - Trump's 'Russia, if you're listening' remark one year ago today still dogging him

Conservative watchdog group files lawsuit for metadata of Comey memos

Senate health bill: Marathon vote spree to determine fate of ObamaCare repeal - WATCH: McCain riffs on Graham's phone ringing, Cassidy's tardiness

Tom Brady is the owner of the Jets - according to Google

How sharks can help the US Military in the future

Ben Shapiro: Some college campuses 'unsafe' for conservative speakers

Ohio fair ride victim recently enlisted in Marines - Ohio fair accident spurs other fairs to close 'Fire Ball' - Kasich orders rides shut down after deadly Ohio State Fair accident

House GOP passes $788B bill for Pentagon, border wall - Eboni Williams: Sanctuary cities endanger the immigrant community - Men charged with ICE agent's 2011 killing found guilty

JUDGE NAPOLITANO: Trump, Sessions and the Justice Department -- a clash that should not be happening - KARL ROVE: Trump vs. Sessions -- It's time for the president to think very hard about how ugly the next six months could be

WATCH: Trump awards officers Medals of Valor for actions in Scalise shooting

EXCLUSIVE: UN war on sexual abuse in Central African Republic still a shambles, internal study shows

US marshals: 'Fugitive of week' found tanning in backyard

Yazidi girl who escaped ISIS said she was raped every day, tried to kill herself - Teen girl charged with plotting ISIS attack in UK

Catholic men's conference in crosshairs of left-wing activists

Teen discovers buried SUV

Country star: I refuse to

Nic Cage in hot water

Star: 9/11 ruined my career

Alarming labiaplasty trend

McDonald's pic goes viral

Navy’s new railgun in action

Romano: I was done

Model's never-ending curves

‘It’ drops creepy trailer

‘Sandlot' guy sued for beating

Orca attacks fishing boat

Coke's new formula angers fans

Fitness blogger reveals truth