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Obama mulls delaying immigration action until after midterms, report says
PRESIDENT OBAMA is reportedly weighing delaying executive action on immigration until after the midterm elections, as some Senate Democrats in tough races argue that it could damage their chances.
  • VIDEO: Obama weighing delay in action of immigration | VIDEO: How would amnesty impact economy?
  • Surge of illegal immigrant kids poses challenge for schools | VIDEO: Schools brace for illegal immigrant children

  • COMING TO AMERICA? Saudi king warns jihadists could hit US within months
  • EXCLUSIVE: ISIS looks to Mexican border
  • VIDEO: Why ISIS should worry US
  • VIDEO:Obama must use military on ISIS, general says
  • VIDEO: Scheuer on terror threat: We’re standing next to a bonfire with a garden hose
  • OPINION: David Cameron stands up to Islamists — a lesson for Barack Obama

  • RAMS CUT SAM First openly gay NFL player released by St. Louis
  • VIDEO: St. Louis Rams cut defensive end Michael Sam
  • VIDEO: ESPN apologizes for reports on Michael Sam's shower habits

  • CRISIS IN UKRAINE EU leaders weigh new sanctions against Russia
  • VIDEO: EU to hit Russia with sanctions
  • Separatists take control of coastal town
  • VIDEO: Russia denies launching invasion of Ukraine
  • VIDEO: Krauthammer says Obama strategy is 'do absolutely nothing'
  • VIDEO: Obama rules out military action in Ukraine

  • LANDRIEU UNDER FIRE Democratic senator faces residency questions
  • Fixture of South Dakota politics looks to lock down Senate race
  • VIDEO: SD Senate race features common opponent
  • VIDEO: 'Shocking' McConnell tape just politics as usual, Kurtz says
  • OPINION: Will Jews turn on Obama, Dems in 2014 and turn out for GOP?
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  • Group's lesson plan on Ferguson shooting cites Black Panther platform - VIDEO: 'Kelly File' reviews shooting timeline

    Security guard: Lesotho military occupies police stations, surrounds government buildings

    Calif. Gov. Brown appeals judge's ruling that struck down teacher tenure

    NYPD under scrutiny for 2nd restraint-related death

    Reid's name removed from center at Utah university from which he graduated

    New York teen dies in Lamborghini test drive

    STARNES: Churchville, Iowa about to lose its last church - STARNES: Prayer for injured teen sparks atheist outrage

    Experts say oil-rich Qatar supporting terror

    Iran's president dodges question on held reporter

    Is there a microchip implant in your future?

    College offers $10G bachelor's program

    'Dude' with metal detector returns $13G wedding ring

    Iran president: US sanctions an 'invasion'

    In Texas, Ted Cruz sounds like he's running in 2016

    Pakistani protesters head toward premier's house

    Tax forms may be latest hurdle for HealthCare.gov - Will ObamaCare mean the end of employer-provided insurance?

    Take a hike? Gand Canyon to charge runners a fee

    Senegal confirms first Ebola case as outbreak accelerates - US colleges screen some students for Ebola - VIDEO: What happened to Ebola coverage?

    6 die in fire at eastern North Carolina home

    #MarineHeldinMexico: White House says Kerry discussed case with officials at 'highest level' - Mexican president keeps mum on Tahmooressi case during California visit - Full Coverage: #MarineHeldinMexico

    Tony talks about tragedy

    Return of Alfa Romeo

    Waitress now owns 75 Denny’s

    Joan condition still 'serious'

    Tech gals in undies outrage

    This is best cheese for pizza

    Healthy lunchbox ideas

    Best stores for Apple deals

    Debt we owe our troops

    $22 device led to air fight

    TiVo’s option for cord-cutters

    Drone industry's Google boost

    Wood sis: I know her killer

    Hi-tech start to school year