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'REAL AND SERIOUS THREAT': Union warns ISIS terrorists could enter US
UNION FOR immigration caseworkers says Islamic State terrorists could gain entry to US by slipping through border or exploiting 'loose' visa policies.
  • Congress approves mission to train, arm Syrian rebels
  • Kerry, Obama questioned over ISIS claims
  • Al Qaeda cell in Syria poses ISIS-level threat
  • Australia raids foil reported ISIS plots
  • VIDEO: Plot a warning to the US?
  • Leaders press Obama to keep options open
  • Video posted online by supporters of ISIS purportedly shows British hostage
  • Arab allies want US to have coordinating role in fight against ISIS, says expert

  • TOUGH RACE Battle-tested Walker fights to keep job in Wisconsin
  • VIDEO: Can Dems, unions defeat Walker?
  • Scott Walker accused of violating federal safety rules when he climbs out of pit in ad
  • FOX NEWS FIRST: Avalanche of bad polls for Senate Dems
  • Experts: Latino voters likely to be decisive factor in key races
    2014 Midterm Elections

  • FREEDOM CRACKDOWN Iran's 'Happy' dancers to receive 91 lashes, jail time
  • VIDEO: Iranians arrested for dancing to 'Happy' song in video

  • 'REALLY A SHAME' Special ed kids' food cart nixed over fed calorie rules
  • VIDEO: School junk food regulations threaten tutoring program

  • #PASSENGERSHAMING Social media campaign exposes crudest flyers
  • VIDEO: Most hated passengers
  • 'World's strangest airplane' celebrates 20 years in the skies
  • VIDEO: Debate heats up over seat reclining on airplanes

  • Vote counting begins in Scotland on independence - Murdoch on global implications behind vote - VIDEO: Vote too close to call - OPINION: Independence? It's my heart vs. my head

    Apple may face police heat on refusing data access

    Ukrainian president pleads with US for military aid

    Oracle CEO Larry Ellison steps down

    Kansas court: Remove Dem from Senate ballot - Battle-tested Walker fights to keep job in Wisconsin - Experts: Latinos likely to be decisive factor in key races - FULL COVERAGE: 2014 Midterm Elections

    CAPITOL ATTITUDE: Push to roll back military cuts

    Experts: Reggie Bush's remarks may prompt probe - Cardinals' Dwyer deactivated after abuse charges - OPINION: Did Peterson cross the line? - PepsiCo CEO 'deeply disturbed' by NFL arrests

    Vaccine mix-up leaves 15 Syrian infants dead

    Texas quarterback quits over concussions

    Home Depot hack put 56M payment cards at risk

    'Cold Justice' episode spurs arrest in 1997 Ariz. killing

    Union boss millionaires lead ‘income equality’ convention

    STARNES: University lifts ban on helmet crosses - Air Force: 'So help me God' in oath is optional

    Autopsy wanted to check for link to beach murders

    Dems reportedly losing confidence in party head

    Tropical storm spares Arizona's metro areas - FOX NEWS WEATHER CENTER

    Federal court upholds US flag ban on Cinco De Mayo; lawyer vows to take case to US Supreme Court

    Survivalist sought in trooper's ambush murder hunted

    Alibaba prices initial public offering at $68 a share

    Parents of student killed by jihadist suspect speak out - OPINION: Tevlin shooting — where's outrage? - VIDEO: Parents of student killed speak out

    Authorities: Fifth-grader arrested with gun, list of names

    State Dept. hit over security at Benghazi hearing - VIDEO: First Benghazi hearing focuses on security

    Man arrested in fast-growing California wildfire

    Search for man reportedly seen with missing student - VIDEO: Cops seek mystery man - Search underway for NY girl, 15, with mood disorder

    Police reel in two men for cheating in fishing tourney - ND officials reduce weight of state-record goldeye

    Police: Officers fatally shoot man near St. Louis

    #MarineHeldinMexico: OPINION: Why jailed Marine Andrew Tahmooressi will be home soon - FULL COVERAGE: Marine jailed in Mexico

    Car found after 46 years

    'Duck' gal off the market

    'Addams'; Who almost got role

    Mom wins 'Wheel' fortune

    Sharon slit wrists for Ozzy

    Vegas to clean up The Strip

    NFL star tackles obesity

    Why we love burgers

    Insects inspire mini drones

    'NCIS' makes big move

    Global threats affecting films

    It's the selfie, stupid

    Ancient hair extensions

    Rice: Take them off the field