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CHAOS IN COLORADO: 3 dead in clinic shooting, gunman identified

FUNDING BLOCK THREAT Republicans warn Obama on climate deal end run

IMPENDING FAILURE? Fate of ObamaCare co-ops unclear after half collapse

SMELLY SITUATION LA families relocate over gas leak's awful stench

STAYING IN TOUCH Nonprofit teaches seniors how to text, use tablets

Turkey warns Putin not to 'play with fire' - Reports: Russia launches electronic warfare in Syria as tensions rise - VIDEO: Russia and Turkey move one step closer to war - Putin, Hollande agree on closer anti-ISIS coordination

Arrest in execution-style killing of Chicago boy, 9 - VIDEO: Mom of murdered boy fuels outrage after buying new car

Black-eye Friday: Mall brawls break out as shoppers seek the best deals - VIDEO: Black Friday shoppers fight in Kentucky - The state where below-cost prices are illegal

White House Christmas tree arrives from Pennsylvania

Obama takes heat over Syrian refugee warning - Carson visiting Syrian refugees in Jordan

Terry Bradshaw: Thankful for my upbringing and so much more - Varney: Thankful for one of the best days of my life - Jakes: Thankful for the lessons I learned from my parents - Takei: 7 things I am thankful for - Gatlin: Thankful for a life changing trip to Okla.

Man kills Mississippi Waffle House employee over smoking policy

Young hunter gets 2 deer in 1 shot on 1st hunt

Messy legal process could challenge Trump's mass deportation plan - VIDEO: Controversies, feuds continue to consume the Trump campaign - DNC deep in debt as RNC builds up $20 million war chest - CAMPAIGN 2016 LIVE BLOG

Protest over Chicago teen's shooting ties up retail district on Black Friday - VIDEO: Protesters swarm shopping district - Chicago cop who shot teen had 18 complaints - GRAPHIC VIDEO: Footage shows cop killing teen

Militants attack UN peacekeeping base in Mali

MLB to investigate nightclub incident involving Yasiel Puig, sister - 76ers' Okafor 'ashamed' after Boston nightclub incident

Turing reneges on drug price cut, rival's version sells well

NATO seeking to reconcile death totals in Kunduz hospital bombing

Germany arrests man reportedly suspected of selling guns to Paris attackers - Hollande vows to destroy ISIS 'army of fanatics'

Elderly woman chooses to die in New Jersey restaurant she used to run

Heavy rain, icy weather responsible for at least 3 deaths in Texas - FOX NEWS WEATHER CENTER

White House fence jumper left suicide note, documents say - VIDEO: Man detained on White House grounds

Walker's dad sues Porsche

Miranda calls Blake 'amazing'

'NCIS' star was arrested

Amazing baby Cheesus

Rowling makes fans furious

Fishing just went hi-tech

Dad's post-cancer promise

Snag Cyber Monday tickets

How Chris saved his parents

'Boat' creator hates own show?

What's up with Stella's face?

Mag honors autistic runner

An alien megastructure?

Cheaper after Black Friday?