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ObamaCare's premium grace period may end up costing doctors, hospitals
A 90-DAY grace period for people who have purchased health plans through the ObamaCare exchanges could cost doctors and hospitals thousands because insurance companies are only required to cover the first 30 days.
  • VIDEO: What happens when people stop paying ObamaCare premiums?
  • 38 GOP lawmakers join lawsuit against ObamaCare subsidies

  • SPREADING TERROR Top Al Qaeda commander relocates base to Syria
  • 3.5 million Syrians desperately need aid, UN says

  • THE NEXT KEYSTONE? Md. natural gas project angers environmentalists
  • VIDEO: Battle brews over Md. natural gas export plan
  • GOP, Dems slam Obama administration decision to again delay Keystone project

  • 'NO-FLY' LAWSUITMuslims claim retaliation for not being informants
  • FLASHBACK: Vets among those suing over no-fly list

  • MARITIME MYSTERY Whales revealed to be source of ocean 'quack'
  • Scientists watch enormous iceberg drift away from Antarctic glacier

  • Jeb Bush: ‘I’m thinking about running for president’

    Obama calls for peaceful end to China-Japan dispute over islands

    'Bachelorette' contestant dies after parachute accident

    Yankees' hurler ejected over foreign substance- World's oldest ex-MLB player dies at 102

    Thousands found on voter rolls in both Va., Md.

    Magnitude 6.6 earthquake strikes off British Columbia

    Crowdsourcing key in plan to tag WWI diary details- Former WWII shipyard being sold could become shopping mall

    Mich. man among first in US to receive 'bionic eye'- How does $50 3D-printed hand match up to $42G prosthetic?

    Obama says new Russia sanctions are 'teed up'- Hillary Clinton calls for touger sanctions on Russia- Ukraine hostilities endanger Chernobyl cleanup

    Dr. Manny: With Chelsea Clinton’s pregnancy, we prepare for another royal baby

    Milwaukee living wage to cost $218G for new gov't jobs

    Fla. school board nixes proposed dress code for parents

    Fla. boy's self-portrait goes viral after death in freak accident

    Safety concerns over legal marijuana edibles- Study says pot use may lead to heart complications, death

    Corpses show attempts to escape South Korea ferry

    Colorado town still digging out from 'biblical' destruction as new flooding looms

    Bird's nest blocks NJ town's $1.5M project- Osprey battles Md. officials to build nest in front of traffic camera

    FCC to propose pay-for-priority Internet standards

    Krauthammer: Justice Dept. clemency initiative is 'lawlessness'- DOJ announces clemency overhaul, allows release for some after 10 years

    Feds move to ban e-cigarette sales to minors

    Perry blasts 'out-of-control' federal government over Texas land dispute

    States move to criminalize 'revenge porn'

    Egypt's leader urges America to reinstate military aid for fight against terror

    Probe in Gacy case helps solve unrelated 1978 killing

    Okla. court rules death row inmates not entitled to know source of execution drugs

    Mysterious ocean sound ID'd

    Tori: How low can you go?

    Nickelodeon's worst scandals

    'Duck' wife: Family sex abuse

    Fix Galaxy S5 problems

    Pujols joins 500 Club

    Drink wine for your kidneys?

    China clones Ford F-150..again

    Playmate parties post-prison

    Biebs apologizes ... to China

    Rumer shows A LOT of skin

    Secrets of the Milky Way

    Resort holds naked beer fest

    Gun owners being squeezed?