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'UNBREAKABLE MEN' Special-ops veterans work to end child exploitation
  • Watson supercomputer helps military personnel transition to civilian life

  • CRISIS AT THE BORDER Obama to meet with Central American leaders
  • TODD STARNES: Border agent held Boy Scout at gunpoint, troop leader claims
  • Honduran president says he has taken major steps to stem exodus
  • Feds follow money to stem immigrant tide

  • French soldiers rush to secure site of Air Algerie crash; terror not ruled out
    FRENCH OFFICIALS WON'T rule out terrorism in the crash of an Air Algerie passenger jet — confirmed to be an MD-83 owned by Swiftair, similar to the one at left — late Wednesday night in Mali with 116 people aboard, and have sent soldiers to guard the wreckage, where one of two black boxes have been recovered.
  • VIDEO: Was weather a factor in Air Algerie disappearance?

  • TODD STARNES Leader claims border agent held Boy Scout at gunpoint
  • Obama to meet with Central American leaders
  • Honduran president says he has taken major steps to stem exodus
  • Feds follow money to stem immigrant tide

  • EPA SABOTAGE? Fight heats up over agency strike on Alaska gold mine
  • VIDEO: Investors sue EPA over veto of Pebble Mine in Alaska

  • Obama administration: Russia firing artillery at Ukraine military targets - Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenyuk announces resignation - OPINION: What we need to do with Putin, Ukraine

    Norwegian intel chief says group from Syria en route to commit terror in West

    Chinese Christians fight back as gov't tears down crosses

    New Jersey ends hunt for possible 16-foot anaconda

    Exoneration hearing set for convicted Texas rapist

    White House brings in Clinton aides for strategy session amid stormy week

    KURTZ: Dinging the Democrats — New York Times takes on a governor and senator over ethics

    House, Senate talks over VA fix in chaos as recess looms

    Inmate confesses to killing man over parking spot

    Israel surprised by sophistication of Gaza tunnels - Israel kills senior militant leader in airstrike - Hamas resists Kerry's attempts at cease-fire deal

    Fast food workers to escalate wage, union demands

    Family gives forgotten tribute flag to Marine's mom

    ObamaCare getaway: 5 US territories released from health care law - Malfunctioning websites still delaying Hawaii ObamaCare signups

    Police seek motive behind gunfight between patient, doctor at Pa. hospital

    No timeframe for lifting new security measures at overseas aiports, TSA chief says

    FOX NEWS POLLS: Majority unhappy with way things are going in US - Voters evenly split on how to handle border crisis

    Florida woman chomps would-be purse-snatcher

    #MarineHeldInMexico: Ordeal drains Marine's savings - Full Coverage: #MarineHeldInMexico

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