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Top Glenn of 2010!
A recap from the daily email newsletter special, Top Glenn of 2010!

Rob Smith Jr Editorial Cartoon
Nationally syndicated cartoonist Rob Smith Jr. chimes with his latest Glenn Beck exclusive.

2010 Holiday Gift Guide
The perfect guide for Glenn Beck Superfans, Student/Husband/Brother/Big Government Lover, Mom/Wife/Grandmother/Person Who Like to Cry, and crazy Progressive Friends

Merry Christmas from the Glenn Beck Program!
Merry Christmas from the Glenn Beck Program!

Top Glenn of 2010!
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These are a few of Glenn’s favorite things...
Glenn tried to name all of the favorite things on TV tonight, but he couldn’t fit it all into an hour of TV. Rather than shorten the list and go with his FAVORITE favorite things, he wanted to make sure he included everything. So here’s the list.

Insider Christmas Audio Collection
We put together this collection of Christmas favorites, exclusively for Insiders...

Larry King's career is over
That statement was probably valid at least 10 years ago - but it's official now. The softball interviewer hosted his final program last night, and to commemorate the occasion Katie Couric dropped by with an early Christmas present to radio talk show hosts everywhere. She read a poem - and it was so 'good' it rivaled the brilliance of Al Gore's 'Neptune's Bones' poem read to Harry Smith. Pat Gray has the audio of Katie's poetry and responds with a poem of his own.

Glenn Beck: Miracles in Wilmington
Glenn has said to expect miracles, and Wilmington last night did not disappoint. Amazing people coming together and doing amazing things...

Fareed Zakaria doubles downs on his stupidity
After attacking Glenn and getting crushed by the facts, Zakaria went on TV yet again to do an interview and revealed his true feelings: The main problem with America - all those darn Americans! Glenn plays the audio of Zakaria destroying his own career on radio today.

Glenn Beck: Democrats Christmas bonanza
Democrats are trying to capitalize on the Christmas holiday - since no one is paying attention to the news during that time, they are planning on jamming as many pork and spending bills as possible during this lame duck session. Will they get away with it? Glenn has more on radio today.

Picture of the Day - December 16, 2010
Stu modeling a Hoodie-Footie...

Glenn Beck: The True Meaning of Christmas
Finding the true meaning of Christmas in Wilmington, Ohio

Glenn arrives in Wilmington
Late last night Glenn arrived in Wilmington and got to visit a few places around town and was amazed by the people right away - even if he couldn't remember the names of any of the establishments he visited. Why does Glenn truly believe this town is going to be the answer for America? Hear Glenn describe the first 24 hours on the ground in Wilmington on radio today - in front of a live studio audience!

Photos: The Road to “America’s First Christmas”
Glenn finally arrived in Wilmington, OH last night after a whirlwind book tour of Ohio. George Lange, Glenn’s photographer, documented Glenn’s arrival with stops at The Murphy Theater, Sugartree Ministry, local restaurants, and the gorgeous General Denver Hotel.