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Silver Stag

Logo.jpg SILVER STAG Knives are NOT mass produced production knives. Every single unit is hand made by skilled American craftsmen and no two knives will ever be exactly the same. Most custom knife makers charge three to six hundred dollars for comparable products, while the majority of our knives retail in the $69 to $179 range. How can we offer such an exceptional value? By manufacturing large, same style runs we gain production efficiencies that cannot be duplicated in a small custom shop. We use three types of High Carbon Tool Steel to manufacture our exclusive designs; D2, 1095, and 15N20. Silver Stag is the only company in the world manufacturing an exclusive line of American antler knives manufactured from domestically produced high carbon tool steels. The SILVER STAG collection is made up of over 50 extremely functional blade designs, each one classified into one of EIGHT Series, categorized by the steel, antler, and construction method used in the manufacturing process.