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boker.gifToday’s Boker knives descend from the Boeker tool factory in Remscheid, Germany.  Boeker tools must have been very successful, since they were among the leading products in Germany and neighboring countries 100 years later.  A giant chestnut tree, shading the small Boeker tool factory in Remscheid in the 17th century, is the oldest traceable symbol connected with the Boeker name.  A tree is still used as part of the Boker symbol today.

In 1986, Boker USA, Inc. was created in Denver, Colorado.  Chuck Hoffman, the man who was involved with the company then, is still active as CEO today, working with a young, energetic team.

The importance of Boker in the South American markets (Argentina and Chile) and in Mexico is due to the efficient men of the Boeker family, who were active for them in these countries in the 19th and 20th centuries. Today's trademark includes the terms TREEBRAND and ARBOLITO.  Since the Argentinean market in particular is subject to extreme economic and political fluctuations, the good name ARBOLITO was in danger of being forgotten.

In 1983, Boeker Arbolito S. A. was founded jointly with the Salzmann family primarily to manufacture household and work knives in Argentina.  Due to the constant modernization and expansion of product lines the company in Buenos Aires is able to compete worldwide with selected products today.